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2022 was a special year in many ways - unfortunately too often marked by negative headlines: Ukraine war, energy crisis, post-Covid upheavals, human rights violations and much more. However, there were also some positive things: at the UN Climate Change Conference concrete funding for developing countries against Loss & Damage (damage and losses from climate change impacts) was announced for the first time. The demand for renewable energies is skyrocketing. Risk awareness is gaining in importance again. 

As the Munich Re Foundation, we have also aimed to contribute to sustainable development in 2022. If you have been following our newsletters, you already have a good overview. In the current newsletter, we would like to point out some exciting facts:

Our International Conference on Inclusive Insurance took place on-site for the first time since 2019, in Jamaica. There was a lot of interest and especially the focus on island states was new. After a Corona break of over two years, our fog net project in Bolivia was finally able to take off again. The new fog collectors are in place and supply around 400 people with urgently needed drinking water. Our RISK Award 2023 is themed: Early Warning and Climate Resilience. We received 202 applications.

Find out more about these projects and many more and click through to the newsletter. We wish you an interesting read and a good start in 2023!

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10 January 2023


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Alleviating water shortages with new fog collectors

Millions of people around the world suffer from water shortages – including in the Alto Veladero region at the foot of Bolivia's eastern Andes. There is almost no rain there from April to November. Every year, drinking water has to be rationed. After a long Corona interruption, our fog net project, jointly funded with the WaterFoundation and the Oswald Foundation, was able to resume its work in July 2022 and to set up 14 collectors. > more
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Munich on the way to becoming a Circular City

When it comes to resource consumption and waste production, cities are at the forefront. The Munich City Council wants to counteract this with the programme "Circular Munich - Circular Economy for a Sustainable Munich". What does the concept mean in practice and what is the status of the initiative? The panelists at our dialogue forum at Munich University of Applied Sciences explained the connections and answered our questions. > more
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The challenge of reaching relevant market size

The International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2022 (ICII 2022) took place in October. Around 250 participants from over 50 countries discussed how to make insurance more inclusive. This year's discussions focused on solutions to address climate risks and how to take into account the special needs of small (island) developing states.
> more
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Green city of the future

Four out of five cities worldwide are exposed to extreme heat or flooding, according to a study by the Carbon Disclosure Project organisation. Climate change is likely to exacerbate the situation. But municipalities are not helpless: nature-based solutions and forward-looking planning will make cities more climate resilient and ecologically sustainable. Promising adaptation strategies were explained by experts at our Dialogue Forum at the Munich 'Klimaherbst' 2022. > more
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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2022 – Field Trip

About 50 participants of the International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2022 were invited to a field trip to learn about an inclusive insurance programme in Jamaica's agricultural sector. The field trip was organised by GK General Insurance who pioneer inclusive insurance in Jamaica. > more
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The Munich Re Foundation at the World Climate Conference 2022

Around 45,000 people attended the COP27 in Sharm El-Sheik. Around 13,000 of them are part of the country delegations, the others are representatives of the UN network and official observer organisations, but also climate activists, business representatives and media participants. We have been an accredited observer for years. What was achieved in Egypt and how does our work relate to the main issues? > more
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Climate resilience and early warning

The RISK Award 2023 is dedicated to early warning. The aim is to strengthen adaptation to climate change impacts and disaster preparedness. We received 202 project proposals during the application period. This demonstrates the immense interest - but also the need to catch up and take action, which still exists in many places.
> more
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RISK Award Vietnam – Far too much water!

The aim of the 2021 RISK Award in Vietnam is to protect coastal mangroves and empower women to take an active role in disaster risk reduction. Currently, unfortunately, the implementation of our goal is once again hampered as the project region was hit by cyclones and severe flooding in October 2022. > more


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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2023

The conference will take place in Ghana from 23 to 27 October 2023. Experts from over 50 countries will discuss ways to accelerate growth and economic sustainability in inclusive insurance for emerging economies. The conference is hosted by the National Insurance Commission of Ghana (NIC), the Ghana Insurance Association (GIA) and the Insurance Brokers' Association of Ghana (IBAG) in collaboration with the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network. > more
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Climate Academy 2023: Climate change and migration

In July, we will host the Climate Academy 2023 together with UNU-EHS, IOM and UNFCCC. We will analyse issues related to climate-induced migration, and in particular address the question of organised relocations, which is unavoidable for some regions. What are the solutions? The "Call for Applications" will be launched at the end of January 2023. > more


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Special issue in the Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences

Our Climate Academy alumni have written a total of five articles for the Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences. More will follow. The publications address broad fields in the area of climate adaptation and social protection systems. Read more in our online library. > more
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Submit now for the special issue "Inclusive Insurance" in the journal 'risks'

The aim of this special issue is to gather science-based and practice-based evidence to discuss opportunities and barriers for inclusive insurance. It shall also identify ways to accelerate the growth and economic viability of inclusive insurance for the benefit of all stakeholders (households, insurers and governments) – especially in emerging economies. > more
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