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An eventful summer lies behind us. Heat was followed by storms and flooding in many places in Europe, the Mediterranean was warmer than ever before, and at the same time cyclones hit China and Brazil with sometimes shockingly high losses. A so-called Medicane with disastrous consequences struck Libya. The consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly clear, and all of us together – politicians, the private sector and civil society – must take decisive action.

As a foundation, we want to contribute to climate protection and climate adaptation with our projects. Poverty reduction and inclusive insurance play an important role, as do disaster risk reduction and climate education. Read more in the following reports and announcements.   

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RAIN challenge - Meet the eight finalists!

The RAIN Challenge for nonprofit organizations aims to promote innovative agricultural ideas for climate adaptation in East Africa. Eight initiatives have been selected to receive mentoring, leadership training and financial support over the next six months. > more
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RISK Award 2023 - Early warning for the Inkomati River Basin in South Africa

The Association for Water and Rural Development (AWARD) has won the RISK Award 2023. With our funding, they now plan to establish a holistic early warning system in the Inkomati River Basin in South Africa. The situation is complex, combining climate change, health risks from water pollution, and lack of infrastructure. > more
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Climate Academy 2023: Climate change and migration

At the end of September, we partnered with UNU-EHS, IOM and UNFCCC to hold our Climate Academy 2023. We analyzed issues related to climate-induced migration and discussed in particular the problem of planned relocation, which is already a major issue for some regions today. Solutions and recommendations to policymakers from the discussions are now being developed. > more
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Strong women for resilience - Final report RISK Award 2021

In July, the project "Strong roots, strong women" came to an end for the time being. Together with the University of Potsdam, we accompanied the non-profit organization CSRD for two years in Vietnam. The main focus was on disaster risk management with and for women as well as the establishment of a mangrove nursery. Time for a short summary.
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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance - Save the date

The conference will take place in Ghana from October 23 to 27, 2023. Experts from over 50 countries will discuss ways to accelerate growth and economic sustainability in inclusive insurance for emerging markets. The conference is hosted by the National Insurance Commission of Ghana (NIC), the Ghana Insurance Association (GIA), and the Insurance Brokers' Association of Ghana (IBAG), in collaboration with the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network. > more
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"Klimaherbst 2023": Exhibition on Climate induced migration

We cordially invite you to the vernissage of the exhibition on October 9 at 6:00 pm, accompanied by an introduction to the topic by the Executive Director of the German Climate Foundation, Arne Dunker. The exhibition can be visited from October 9 to 27, Mondays to Fridays, at the Munich School of Philosophy. > more
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"Klimaherbst 2023": Workshop "Climate change has many faces"

Climate change has many faces - around eight billion, to be exact. We invite you to join us on October 16 to explore the topics of climate justice and climate-induced migration, and to hear stories from countries experiencing climate change. Told by people who made their home there. Click here to register.
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"Klimaherbst 2023": Dialogue Forum "Climate protection and intergenerational justice"

Many young people are increasingly involved in climate movements. They are dissatisfied with current climate policy and climate protection measures to date. How can the burdens of climate change be shared fairly between the generations? We would like to discuss these and many other questions with you and our panel guests on October 26. > more
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