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Dear Friends of the Munich Re Foundation,

2023 was a remarkable year - in many respects. It is almost certainly the warmest year globally since weather records began, replacing the previous record year of 2016. Unusually large amounts of snow paralysed southern Germany at times towards the end of the year – which some unconvinced people immediately used to cast doubt on climate change itself.

In December, the World Climate Change Conference took place in Dubai, which was viewed with a critical eye by many. On the one hand, because the so-called global stocktake took place for the first time – i.e. the analysis of the national climate protection strategies submitted and their conformity with the 2-degree limit. Secondly, because the host country, the United Arab Emirates, under conference leader Sultan Al Jaber, has not yet emerged as a pioneer of decarbonisation. The rather weak results seem to prove the critics right.

As it currently stands, we will have to focus even more on climate risk adaptation and resilience building in the future because we as a global community are not succeeding in reducing our high annual CO2 emissions in time. Poverty reduction and disaster prevention thus become key factors.

Despite the modest progress, it is important to remain optimistic because: "The optimist wants to drive change, the pessimist resigns himself to his fate," said Prof. Ortwin Renn, acatech, at one of our Dialogue Forums in December. With this in mind, we would like to wish you a good start to the new year. Stay optimistic – perhaps our positive project reports can contribute to this.

Your team
Munich Re Foundation


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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2023 – Summary

At ICII 2023, around 450 different insurance industry stakeholders from Africa discussed how inclusive insurance can be advanced with renowned experts from a wide range of disciplines from all over the world. Areas such as distribution, customer accessibility, gender issues and the integration of new technologies were among the key topics. Read more about the results in our summary. > more
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ICII 2023 in Ghana - A journey into Ghana's rural microinsurance world

Around 50 participants of the ICII 2023 were invited to a field trip to learn first-hand how microinsurance can positively impact the lives and livelihoods of people in difficult situations. The excursion was organised by Vision Fund Ghana (VFG) in collaboration with World Vision Ghana and Allianz Ghana and took us to Swedru, about two hours west of Accra. > more
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ILO's Insurance for Development Training 2023 – Putting knowledge into practice!

The training was organised by the ILO's Impact Insurance Academy in Turin, Italy. By promoting the "Insurance for Development" programme, we want to help ensure that inclusive insurance solutions become more widespread. The aim is to provide insurance professionals with business models and strategies that enable them to better understand and tap into previously underserved insurance markets. > more
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Dialogue Forum: Weather extremes and climate risks – Do courts now have to speed up climate protection?

What does the social transformation necessitated by the climate crisis have to do with jurisprudence? And are climate lawsuits a means of stopping climate change? We discussed these and other exciting questions at the Dialogue Forum on 5 December 2023 in cooperation with acatech. > more
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Dialogue Forum: Munich climate targets 2035 – Between wish and reality

The city of Munich wants to become climate neutral. To achieve this, all stakeholders – administration, citizens, companies – must act quickly, energetically and together. Where do we stand in realising this ambitious goal? At our Dialogue Forum - organised together with the Munich University of Applied Sciences' innovation network HM:UniverCity and Munich University of Applied Sciences - we looked for answers together with renowned experts. > more
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Climate protection and intergenerational justice – the right to the future

Dialogue Forum as part of the "Klimaherbst München" on 26 October 2023: Climate change raises many questions of justice. One of them is: How can the necessary burdens and costs for more climate protection and adaptation be shared fairly between the generations? There is no simple solution for young and old. This makes dialogue with each other all the more important in order to create understanding for the other side and to avoid camp thinking. > more
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How climate change is driving people to flee their homes

The touring exhibition CLIMATE-INDUCED MIGRATION of the Deutsche KlimaStiftung made a stop in Munich on the occasion of the Klimaherbst München 2023. Twelve life-size figures from different countries describe examples of how climate change is changing their lives. The Munich Re Foundation brought the exhibition to Munich in cooperation with the Munich School of Philosophy and the Munich Adult Education Centre. The vernissage took place on 9 October.
> more
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Climate justice and climate-induced migration – climate change has many faces

Climate change has many faces - around eight billion, to be precise. This is because humans are both the cause of climate change and the victims of it. At the ClimateFaces workshop organised by the Deutsche KlimaStiftung, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic of climate migration, discuss the causes of migration and hear stories from countries affected by climate change, told by people who live – or had lived – there.
> more
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Planned relocations and COP28 – important findings for national climate measures

Planned relocations due to climate change are no longer a future scenario. They must be increasingly integrated into national climate strategies. Climate Academy participants discussed the lessons that can be learnt froam previous pilot projects and the importance of human rights in this area in a webinar in preparation for COP28 in Dubai. > more
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RAIN Challenge: Promoting resilience in agriculture

In October, our project partner Global Resilience Partnership organised excursions to the winning organisations of the RAIN Challenge 2023. The destination of the second excursion was the village of Chigaga, a five-hour drive from Kampala in Uganda's Hoima district. The excursion participants were able to gain insights into initiatives that promote resilience in agriculture. > more
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Deutscher Solarpreis 2023 for the Energy School Munich

The Deutsche Solarpreis 2023 goes to the Energy School Munich, which we support. Congratulations to the Green City e.V. education team! The aim of the Munich-based environmental organisation's educational project is to get children and young people interested in the future-relevant topics of climate protection and renewable energies in interactive workshops and to promote a more conscious use of resources. > more
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We support the participatory project on climate justice organised by Green City and Mikado UMdieWelt. Train-the-trainer courses are used to train young people as sustainability multipliers so that they can then run workshops in their peer groups and motivate them to protect the climate.
> more


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RAIN Phase II for non-profit organisations has started – Apply now!

Together with Global Resilience Partnership, we have launched the second phase of the RAIN Challenge (Resilient Agriculture Innovations for Nature) for non-profit organisations in East Africa. The RAIN Challenge for non-profit organisations aims to promote innovative, sustainable agricultural ideas to address climate change. > more
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Dialogue Forum: Climate change and natural hazards in Germany – Strategies against floods, droughts and heat waves

How is climate change already making itself felt in Germany – for example in the areas of nature, the economy and health? Adaptation strategies are being discussed in many different ways, but where is the greatest need for action? What precautions are being taken by policymakers at national, regional and local level? In cooperation with acatech, we invite you to discuss solutions together with our experts on 30 January 2024.
> more

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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2024 – Save the date!

The ICII 2024 will take place from 21 to 25 October 2024 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Experts from over 50 countries will discuss and identify ways to accelerate growth and economic sustainability in the field of inclusive insurance for emerging markets. The conference is organised by the Nepal Insurance Association and the Nepal Insurance Authority in collaboration with the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network. > more
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Dialogue Forum: Rescue a long way off or real progress?
COP 28 – A review

What progress (or regression) has been made in the three major areas of climate change adaptation, climate change mitigation and loss and damage? We will discuss these and other questions with our experts on 16 January 2024 at 18:00. The event will take place online and in English. > more


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IntoAction “Strong Roots, Strong Women”

With the RISK Award 2021, we supported the disaster risk reduction and resilience project "Strong roots, strong women" in Vietnam. Women were trained to create more resilient structures in their home communities via nature-based solutions. You can read a summary of the two-year project in our new IntoAction publication.
> more
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Policy Brief: “Integrating Planned Relocation in National Climate Action”

This policy brief is based on the discussion outcomes of the Climate Academy 2023. Led by UNU-EHS, our Academy participants describe five key lessons learnt from concrete case studies of climate-induced relocations. Governments and policy makers should take them into account to make planning processes more sustainable and socially inclusive. > more
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Policy Brief: “Digitalization: A Game Changer for Local Governments & Communities”

Digitalisation is a challenge, especially for cities in the global South, where local governments are faced with technology deficits, infrastructure deficits, socio-economic barriers and governance problems. This often hinders the effective use of digital solutions. This policy brief, based on discussions at Climate Academy 2022, prepared by our project partner ICLEI, sheds light on how local governments and communities can better realise the full potential of digitalisation opportunities. > more
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