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Meteorological organisations worldwide confirm: 2023 was the warmest year since weather records began. In many places, we were already beyond the limit of 1.5 degrees of warming compared to pre-industrial times called for (and agreed!) in the Paris Climate Agreement. The new year 2024 continued at the same pace: February was by far the warmest February since weather records began. In view of these figures, we can no longer avoid taking more adaptation measures. This does not mean that we should let up on climate protection. At the beginning of this year, we discussed the status of global mitigation and adaptation efforts with experts in our Dialogue Forums. 

Together with partners, we have been promoting adaptation measures for years. Here, too, we have been able to expand our commitment with a new disaster risk reduction project in Honduras. Insurance, especially for vulnerable, low-income groups, is an important tool for sustainable development and resilience. In this field, we are offering various Learning Sessions on Inclusive Insurance with partners in the first half of the year. In the background, preparations are already underway for our International Conference on Inclusive Insurance - this year in Nepal. 

With the triad of climate risk and adaptation, inclusive insurance and educational work on climate protection in our project work, we want to continue to make a contribution to a global, sustainable and climate-proof future. You can find an overview of this in our recently published annual report: > more

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New disaster risk reduction project in Villanueva and El Progreso, Honduras

We are delighted to have entered into a partnership with the renowned Irish organisation GOAL at the beginning of 2024. We are supporting one of their disaster risk reduction projects in Honduras: a holistic early warning system against flooding and landslides is being further developed. > more
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Dialogue Forum 30 January 2024: Climate change and natural hazards in Germany

People in Germany are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change in the form of floods, droughts and heatwaves. Where are the consequences particularly serious and which adaptation strategies make sense? The panellists at the Dialogue Forum engaged in a lively discussion with the audience. > more
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Dialogue Forum 16 January 2024: COP28 - A review

The 28th UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai at the end of 2023 set out to evaluate and realign the global climate agenda. How should the results be assessed against this backdrop? Three experts who were present in Dubai explained the progress made. > more
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Advancing resilient agriculture with innovation - A review of the RAIN Challenge 2023

With RAIN (Resilient Agriculture Innovations for Nature), we support innovative agricultural initiatives that help to make the agricultural sector in East Africa more resilient and sustainable. One year on from the start of our collaboration with the Global Resilience Partnership, we are proud of what we have achieved.
> more
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A social simulation for sustainable action in planned relocations

With this follow-up project from the Climate Academy, together with the United Nations University and other partners, we are helping to ensure that planned relocations due to climate change are organised in a more socially just way. Decision-makers are learning that participatory processes in resettlement planning produce significantly more positive results. > more
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Learning Sessions Egypt: Microinsurance as a means of economic development

The third Microinsurance Conference Egypt took place in Luxor from 3 to 5 February. We supported this event as Learning Sessions. Over 340 experts discussed how microinsurance solutions can contribute to sustainable development. > more


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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2024 – Call for proposals!

The ICII 2024 will take place from 21 to 25 October 2024 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Around 400 experts from over 50 countries will discuss and identify ways to accelerate growth and economic sustainability in the field of inclusive insurance for emerging markets. The conference is organised by the Nepal Insurance Association, the Life Insurance Association of Nepal and the Nepal Insurance Authority in collaboration with the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network. You can now submit ideas for presentations and workshops. > more
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Apply now as a rapporteur for the International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2024!

We are looking for volunteer students and doctoral candidates as rapporteurs for the ICII 2024. As part of the team, you will support us in preparing the conference report. You can attend ICII 2024 free of charge and will receive a subsidy towards your travel expenses. If you would like to be a rapporteur on site, please submit your CV (in English) and at least one autograph work as a reference (ideally on the topic of microinsurance).
> more
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Field Trip - ICII 2024

We invite organisations to organise a field trip as part of the ICII 2024. The aim of the field trip is to provide ICII 2024 participants with insights into local microinsurance projects and opportunities to meet policyholders. > more
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Inclusive Insurance Learning Sessions Zambia, 16 to 18 April 2024

At the 9th Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Conference on Inclusive Insurance, experts will analyse how customer centricity and technology can accelerate growth in the inclusive insurance sector. The event is organised by the Microinsurance Technical Advisory Group (TAG Association), Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA) and supported by Munich Re Foundation and FinProbity Solutions. > more
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Inclusive Insurance Learning Sessions, 27 May to 28 June 2024: Insurance for Development - Online Training (Spanish)

The ILO's Impact Insurance Facility aims to improve the development of inclusive insurance markets. To this end, they offer a range of educational measures for insurers, distributors and other market participants. As part of these initiatives, an online course "Insurance for Development" will be organised in early summer 2024. We support this training.
> more
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Inclusive Insurance Learning Sessions Bolivia, 15 to 19 July 2024 (Spanish)

The first Latin American Congress on Inclusive Insurance in Bolivia will take place in July. Organised by the Bolivian Association of Insurance Brokers (ABOCOSER) in cooperation with the Microinsurance Network and the Munich Re Foundation, we are inviting experts to Santa Cruz to discuss challenges and solutions. > more
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Dialogue Forum: The challenge of climate financing - Climate protection seeks donors

In cooperation with the Catholic Academy in Bavaria, we are organising a new Dialogue Forum on 4 June 2024. Join us and discuss the various options for climate financing with our invited speakers. > more
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Dialogue Forum: Agriculture and climate protection - how can we manage the transformation?

Climate change poses major challenges for agriculture: too little rainfall, extreme heat, repeated heavy rainfall. At the same time, farmers are confronted with many other economic and political problems. What can a sustainable agriculture of tomorrow look like? Discuss with our experts at our Dialogue Forum in cooperation with the 'Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing' on 8 May 2024. > more


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Munich Re Foundation Annual Report 2023

We must do more to combat climate change and reduce the vulnerability of low-income people in the Global South in particular to climate risks. You can read about how we at the foundation are trying to make our contribution in our 2023 report. > more
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